Donna Riddington

Art, graphic design, and illustration you’ll see on my site, has been inspired by social ideas, stories, and some pretty awesome project collaborations. I'm a London-based independent artist and graphic designer and I enjoy working on projects that connect people.


Drawing in series with paint and as installation, I explore multiple ways to be radically critical of power structures and social norms as related to my artistic, queer, feminist and immigrant experience.

I combine layers of mark making, building up tensions between colour and materials, including text. Through this process, I reinterpret my experiences and relationships with events, spaces and people. Visual language brings together the intuitive action of performative drawing with learning through making.

My collaborative involvement with several community engaged artistic projects supports marginalised peoples’ activism and empowerment processes, through creative direct action. 

Artist CV of recent exhibitions.   

Graphic Design

Early adoration of LP sleeves, comic books, posters, and zines formed a lifelong fascination with bold graphics and type. I later went on to pursue formal education in both Graphic Design and Visual Art areas. In recent times, freelance graphic design contracts have seen me create print and digital assets for global healthcare advocacy, construction tender projects, not-for-profit ventures, and branding for local creative businesses.


Illustration is an overlapping discipline in terms of my artistic and graphic design practices. I enjoy how illustrative storytelling gives narrative strength to a project rebrand. Additionally, its graphical nature can be highly subversive in the context of reading artworks – I utilise this tactic often. Hand-drawing is still a favourite pastime and also how I kick-start idea processes, until illustration evolves into painterly or digital formats.